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Scamblers Automotive Japanese Vehicle Import Service 


At Scamblers Automotive, we understand that car enthusiasts can often want something a bit more special than what can be found already available in the UK. 

That's why we offer a commission importing service to help you import your perfect car from Japan. We have the contacts and relationships to facilitate finding you your perfect car from Japan, and all at very competitve rates. 

Some importers charge rates stretching into the thousands to import and register cars from Japan, and while they may be able to offer fantastic in-depth services that are brilliant for high-value cars, this makes lower-priced cars uneconomical to import, as the commission can often be more than the total cost of the car and the shipping! 

Here, we do things a little differently. Using our trusted sources, we're able to bid on 95% of Japanese auction stock, as well as having access to over 100,000 cars in Japanese domestic dealer networks at any one given time. By having strong and trustworthy contacts, we can save you money on your import car, with commissions being in the hundreds of pounds rather than the thousands of pounds. Combine this with our competitive labour rates for work required, and we really do feel we can offer a fantastic service for the buyer. 

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