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The Danger of Confidence

Sometimes you have to go back to where it all went wrong to realise just how far you've come.

An almost poetic image from a few months ago. The Evo parked where, two years before, my time with the original Lancer had come to an end.

I'll never really forget that moment in time where I realised what was going to happen. Every now and then I hear a sound or see something that evokes a memory of what happened, but I made a point of learning from it and moving on in the correct way.

I think we all end up going through a stage in our early years of driving where we begin to experience levels of confidence that go above and beyond our driving skill. It's a dangerous stage where one is at grave risk of reaching deep into the bag of talent, only to find it empty at a time of need. Yet people of my age still appear to be frequently incensed by the price of insurance for us young'uns, despite the fact that we really are just that bit more dangerous for at least a period of our early driving years.

It's something very few people can truthfully deny.

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