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Scamblers Automotive Services


We don't just do car sales at Scamblers Automotive


Vehicle Detailing

With over 30 years experience of vehicle detailing, Scamblers are able to offer a variety of detailing services for your vehicle, capable of fitting your every need. From a good quality valet all the way up to a full paint correction, we've got the facilities and the skills to take care of it all. 

Many people these days simply don't have the time to be washing their car every weekend, and that's completely fair! We live in such a fast paced world, it's sometimes easy to go months without giving your vehicle the attention it needs in the paintwork department. The result? A car that no longer shines like it once did, or is covered in imperfections from bird muck, road grit or other contaminants found in everyday life.

Sometimes, you might be tempted to take the car to your local hand car wash, like thousands of people every day in the UK. While very cheap, your car will find itself subjected to grit-filled wash mitts, aggressive acidic cleaning products, and scuffed with errant pressure washer hoses. All of these things lead to swirl marks and further imperfections. 

So let us care for your car the way it always should be. With time, attention to detail and a passion for the work we do. No grit-filled mitts, no aggressive cleaning products, and no damage from pressure washer hoses. Just great quality cleaning and detail done by people who care about your car just as much as you do! 

Contact us for a no-obligation quote! 

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